New Viking and a busy start to 2019

Kristian Lay: Viking Plumbing & Heating Boiler Services

We are investing in the future!

New apprentice Tyler Limburn joined us in January and has fitted in really well.

He’s nearly finished all his technical certificates and we are showing him the practical side of things.

So far it’s been a very busy new year, with boiler swaps, underfloor heating, servicing and the usual repairs and maintenance.

Above is one of the boiler swaps that we have been working on.

You're never far away from a Viking Gas Safe and LPG registered boiler specialist

Location: Beccles

Areas Covered: Beecles

Service: Boiler Servicing

Your boiler might seem to be in fine working order, but it could be producing carbon monoxide or working inefficiently.

A boiler that has been cleaned of debris will burn more cleanly and there will be less carbon monoxide produced. During a service the in-built safety devices on a boiler are also tested to ensure that in the event of a problem with a boiler or gas supply the householder is not put at risk.