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Tidying up the Cupboard

Tidying up the cupboard

15th May, 2020, Kristian Lay

In true Viking tradition we invaded Loddon to change this gas boiler, we added a filter, created a shelf in the airing cupboard and updated the controls, so with a 10 year guarantee this customer will have a warm home for years to comeā€¦ and somewhere to put their towels.

Oil Boiler by the coast

Boiler by the coast

15th May, 2020, Kristian Lay

Its nearly a year since we became OFTEC registered, and we have been enjoying fitting Worcester Bosch Oil boilers. This one near Southwold we were able to put outside, freeing up space for the customer in their kitchen. It comes with a 7-year guarantee so it will provide warmth for the house for years to come.

Long hours expected ahead with the heating season now upon us.

Long hours expected with the heating season upon us

12th November, 2018, Kristian Lay

Got a busy week coming up. The heating season is upon us so it will be long hours and a lot of productivity. We are changing 2 boilers and commissioning our job in Beccles.

300 metres of copper pipework and not a single leek.

Not a single leek

12th November, 2018, Kristian Lay

As well as servicing and Breakdowns, we continued with the ongoing project in Beccles which will be quite something when finished. I will post some photos when completed as we really have gone the extra mile to get the pipework spot on. We fitted the best part of 300m of pipework feeding 22 radiators. When tested not a single leak – even with our high success rate with copper joints, this was unexpected.

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